Secure Chauffeur offers focus on the Driver, rather than the ride.

Why?  Uber and others have made tremendous inroads in dispatching efficiencies that simply cannot be outdone, at least not with current technology.  While other companies seek to compete with Uber by way of regulation and forcing them to be less efficient, we take a different approach.

While we recognize the legitimate complaints that competitors have about unequal regulation and enforcement, we don't believe the answer to that problem is to restrict the efficiencies of Uber from consumers.

That's because we care about customers, first and foremost.  We believe that offering value to customers will yield successful Drivers and managers, as well as a profitable Company.  We believe that "mutual benefit" is the hallmark of free-market Capitalism, and that the proper way to compete with a competitor is to offer more value, not force others to offer less.

We recognize that an efficient dispatch is critical to any transportation business, yet we also recognize that the key element of any driving Service is the person, the Driver.  And so we focus on the Driver, "always striving for perfection" in the Drivers we dispatch, and we believe that over time, it will be this focus that will allow us to "out-uber" Uber.

If you are interested in becoming a "Secure Chauffeur" yourself, regardless of your location, feel free to contact us.