Long Distance Drives

Secure Chauffeur is pleased to offer the ultimate in safe, reliable, comfortable Long Distance transportation!

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Rates for this Service are done on a custom basis. Generally, trips over 100 miles can be figured at $1.80 per loaded mile, with no charge for “dead-head” miles, meaning the Driver returning empty. This rate is often discounted, depending on the time of year, time of day and ultimate destination. Also, discounted rates are available for popular destinations, a few of which are listed below. Booking both ways receives an automatic 10% discount, regardless of the period of time between the two trips.

Reservations are required for this Service, in order to properly plan for a rested Driver. Generally a Driver is able to drive up to 600 miles in a single day, although for trips greater than 400 miles, per diem expenses may apply. For trips greater than 600 miles, per diem and lodging expenses will apply.

A sample of our current rates to popular destinations:

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  • Cleveland: $345
  • Columbus: $365
  • Cincinnati: $450
  • Toronto: $420
  • Niagara Falls: $420
  • Chicago: $475
  • Louisville: $625
  • Traverse City: $395
  • Gaylord: $395
  • Milwaukee: $620
  • Philadelphia: $980
  • New York City: $1,100


Why It Makes Sense!

Example: Say you have an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic for an operation, and expect to be there 2-3 days. Driving yourself is a poor option, if you’ll be dealing with the surgery. Plus, there are gas expenses, wear and tear on your car (depreciation), as well as the potential high expense of being stranded due to any trouble. Flying presents an even worse option—besides the expense of the flights, there is travel to and from both airports (that’s four trips), as well as parking, depreciation and the ever-present risk of potential problems at any stage of this process.  And don't forget the discomfort of sitting in that cramped airplane seat!

We, on the other hand, can take all of these expenses and risks on us, leaving you with only the convenience of being driven door-to-door—timely and safely. You have transferred all the worries, leaving yourself with the ease of knowing you’ll get where you’re going, as you enjoy the ride from the back seat and don’t concern yourself at all with the challenges of getting there.

Think about it and then phone us toll-free at 1-888-TRUST US (1-888-878-7887) or email us here!

Note: All Rates and Availability for Long Distance Service are subject to change. That means lower as well as higher!

Flat rates listed are based on pickup in southern Oakland County, with drop-off within 20 miles of downtown of the City listed.

Rates do not include any tolls, which are added, including for the Driver's return trip.

For trips greater than 400 miles, per diem charges for the Driver are added.

All vehicles accommodate up to 4 passengers with a reasonable amount of luggage.  Simply put... if your luggage will fit in any car trunk, it will fit in our trunk.