We offer Airport Transportation Service to & from all points in Southeast Michigan.  Service is provided in a full size Sedan with a full size trunk, able to accommodate up to four adult passengers and their luggage.  If the luggage will fit in any trunk, it will fit in ours!

Rates for this Service are generally well below our customary mileage rate.  These "flat rates," from any point in Wayne, Oakland and Livingston Counties, may be conveniently found by clicking here.

Please note that all pickups from Metro Airport (DTW) are subject to an additional $ 10.00 tax imposed by the Wayne County Airport Authority.  This tax is strictly enforced, though in return the Airport Authority provides very close parking arrangements, as well as accommodating "Meet & Greet" Service inside the airport upon your arrival.

All Service is by reservation and we follow your flight to know of late (or early!) arrivals.  We have no time limit whatsoever for delayed flights, as long as you have provided the correct flight number.

We can accept cancellations for outbound Airport Service (going to the airport) with no charge until 5:00 P.M. the day before your departure.  Otherwise, and in the case of "no shows" on inbound flights, our minimum Service Charge applies.