"City to Country" involves moving people, but not merely the moving of individual passengers.  Rather it involves moving entire lives...that is, moving one's homestead from an urban area to a rural area.

In 2005, Jim and Patty Klein (sole owner/operators of Citizens Car Service at the time) moved from the Detroit suburbs to the Northern Michigan Highlands near West Branch, Michigan.  The decade following was a series of learning experiences...about boarding and caring for horses, clearing and building pastures, heating with wood, taking care of a homestead, and a myriad of other learning experiences.  Starting with the knowledge of most urban dwellers--which is to say none in these respects--we learned and developed the skills necessary to "make it in the wild."  We have since moved even further north and currently live "off on the trails" in a forest near the Huron National Forest in northern Ogemaw County.  We have found the experience exhilarating and extremely rewarding.

Many people dream of moving to the country, but most are intimidated by their lack of knowledge and how to go about it.  That is the function of this highly individualized and customized consulting service.  It turns out that the biggest challenges are just imaginary fears and virtually everything about living away from the big cities is easy to learn and do.  Whether it's building, growing or improving, most skills are readily learned and the tools and equipment necessary are easy to obtain.  Naturally these are dynamic factors and so the details are different for each person.

For most people, rural living can be the achievement of the sort of life they always wanted to live.  For us, it was.  The pace is slower, but more gets done.  People in rural areas are, for the most part, just how people imagine them to be...friendly, helpful and mindful of other people's peace and privacy.  Many costs, especially for real estate, tend to be significantly lower than in major urban areas...and this applies across most of the country.  If you've ever dreamed of "getting out," this consulting service is for you.  Where you live and where you wish to go don't matter; the Internet has opened all sorts of possibilities for transmitting the relevant information.  And the Internet has enabled many people to consider this sort of move in the first place, which would have been impossible before.  "Telecommuting" has played a big part in this; many people are able to earn a living without being physically present at a single location, often located in or near a big city.  This was the case for us.  Our Dispatch Company required phone lines, but it was of no importance where those phone lines were.

If this sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to phone or email.  As this is a labor of love, rates are highly negotiable and individualized.  "Do it!"