About Secure Chauffeur

Secure Chauffer is a registered assumed name of Rides of Pride, LLC, a Michigan Corporation.  Rides of Pride began operations on September 1, 2011.

Currently the sole Managing Member is Jim Klein, formerly C.E.O. of Citizens Car Service.

Secure Chauffeur offers customized, secure and reliable Sedan transportation at a reasonable rate, thereby offering the best value in "as directed" Service.

Serving all of southeast Michigan, Secure Chauffeur brings to your door, with confidence, a licensed, inspected and State-authorized sedan with a professional and experienced driver.

Our motto is "Always Striving for Perfection" and for us, "Safety First" is not merely a cute slogan.  We treat the safety of people as our very first priority and reliability as the emphasis of our Service.

We know what you are looking for in Chauffeur Service regardless of your particular use.  Safety, reliability, comfort, security and ease are but a few of the concepts we understand.  Cleanliness is important to you, and to us; and so is a comfortable ride free from worries.

In a word, surety.  Surety of safety, timeliness, cleanliness and satisfaction.  This website offers a few ideas for enjoyable trips or functions around the area, but is not meant to be all-inclusive.  As we offer customized transportation, the sky is the limit for what may be useful or valuable to you.

Our rates are straightforward and simple---$ 38.00 per hour, measured to the next half hour.  There is a two-hour minimum, for a charge of $ 76.00.  There is no upward limit, subject only to the rest of the Driver and safety.  In special circumstances, like extended long-distace trips, even multiple Drivers can be arranged.  Naturally, for any Charters extended beyond 12 hours, per diem charges for the Driver(s) apply.

We operate under an "Authority" issued by the Michigan Department of Transportation in the name of Rides of Pride, LLC.  Legally, this Authority grants permission to begin Charter Services from any point in the State of Michigan, public or private, that is "used by the public."

We hope you enjoy the ideas offered in this website.  If you have any questions whatever, please do not hesitate to phone 1-888-TRUST US (1-888-878-7887).  Thanks for visiting!